Ligne Roset Contracts

Artisans in wood

A choice dictated by passion : 1900-1950

As with most legendary businesses in the field of international design, the history of Ligne Roset is rooted in the heritage of traditional French handcrafts. A forestry manager in the Bugey region, Antoine Roset, the first in the line, set up his water wheels on the La Brivaz river in 1860 in order to process wood. Very quickly he and his son Emile diversified their activities, branching out into the manufacture of wooden umbrellas, walking sticks and even the rungs of chairs…the hand of fate was apparent even then!

Contract furniture

A period of intense growth: 1950-1970

Within the context of postwar reconstruction Jean Roset, the grandson of Antoine, took the business – now employing 50 people – in an entirely new, industrial direction, developing furniture for the contract market. This was the golden age of the 'marché public': the house of Roset manufactured furniture for large social organisations, schools and colleges, civil hospices, universities and retirement homes. Beds, chairs, tables…there were already collaborations with architects and the 'contract' market remained in a state of expansion until the 1960's.

Creation and Innovation

An avant-garde business: 1970-1990

Alongside Jean Roset, his sons Pierre and Michel saw in the creative explosion of the 1960's and 1970's an opportunity to make the business durable by developing the domestic market. Impassioned by design, they began to work with interior architects such as Michel Ducaroy, who was to design Togo in 1973 – a decisive year, marked also by the official creation of the Ligne Roset brand. This investment in design was to be the first inspiration which was to put the business on the path to success. And the second? The ambition to turn Ligne Roset into a true brand, underpinned by an own-brand distribution network. The first Ligne Roset stores opened in 1973. The choice to exploit the export market was to be the third fundamental, pioneering inspiration, with an initial display in Germany in 1967. Today, Ligne Roset stores are represented in the greatest cities in the world.

An international way of living

In the hotel, just like at home : 1990 to the present

And the 4th inspiration ? To reconcile domesticity with the contracts market. In the course of its 150 year history the Ligne Roset brand has become synonymous with an elegant lifestyle, bearing the imprint of the world's greatest talents in the field of contemporary design; Ligne Roset Contracts, meanwhile, positions itself – thanks to its very particular industrial, technical and logistical approach - as one of the foremost designers/manufacturers of contemporary furniture for hotels and restaurants, apart-hotels and holiday complexes, spas and media libraries.

The hotel, the ultimate personification of design? Rather a blank slate, interpreted with passion by interior architects who view it as a space in which to explore new usages and associations of comfort, sensuality and playfulness. For them and with them, Ligne Roset Contracts offers collections in which the principles of eclecticism, functionality, simplicity and pleasure dominate. With one single watchword, in the hotel, just like at home: customer satisfaction.