Ligne Roset Contracts

The head office is located in France, in the heart of the Ain region, and more exactly in the southern part known as the Bugey, 45 minutes from Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport. It has always been the wish of Pierre and Michel Roset, and Jean Roset before them, to maintain the company's presence in the region, out of loyalty not only to family history but also to the Group's many employees.

The upholstery department is located in both the Ain and the Isère regions and comprises:

  • Briord 1: upholstery, sewing, cutting, glueing of foam, packaging and despatch and production support – 240 staff, 55,000 m²
  • Briord 2: woodworking shop – 40 staff, 11,000 m²
  • Briord 3: cutting of fabric and leather, quality control of skins and rolls of fabric – 50 staff, 5,100 m²
  • Briord 4: storage of semi-finished structures – 7 staff, 5,400 m²
  • Bourgoin and Saint Georges de Reneins, two sewing workshops, 55 staff, 3,000 m² (Bourgoin) and 30 staff, 2 400 m² (Saint Georges de Reneins).

The production capacity of the upholstery department is 300 settees per day.

All 5 industrial sites boast a combined area of 132 000 m², that is, twice the exhibition space of the Grand Louvre.

The cabinet department is spread across two sites:

  • Saint-Jean Le Vieux 1 and 2: mechanical processing of wood, 220 staff, 45 000 m²
    • Cutting, covering and machining of panels
    • Wood veneering, laying-out, trimming, jointing and glueing of panels

The Saint-Jean Le Vieux factory also houses the on-demand assembly operation (assembly of a unit from its constituent panels), with a capacity of 1,000 packs per day.

  • Saint-Rambert: treatment of wood surfaces, 80 staff, 12,600 m²
    • Application of lacquers and veneers, satin-finish or gloss, on edges and faces of panels
    • Use of sprayed-on polyurethane products
    • Use of UV-cured acrylic products applied by cylinder press

The accessory department is located at Briord 5: 25 staff, 10,000 m² and deals with the design, production and commercialisation of lighting, rugs, textiles and occasional furniture.