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Yasmine Mamoudieh

Located in the centre of the Swiss winter sports station, the Nevaï is a 4* boutique hotel which takes its name from the snow (Nevaï in Swiss dialect).

If the hotel contains numerous visual references to the Alps which surround it, it is by no means a chalet or even an Alpine hotel, such as the 3* establishment previously operated by its proprietor. Neither is it minimalist, for in the words of interior architect Yasmine Mamoudieh, Verbier being her favourite ski station, “when one goes skiing one first and foremost seeks a comfortable location in which one can rest.”

The choices made in terms of interior architect, decoration and furniture were all made with this requirement in mind: the reception, with its oversized chimney and wool-covered settees, the immaculate white bar, the open-plan restaurant which enables the customers to see what is going on in the kitchen, and the bedrooms, where the intention is to throw the spotlight onto the furniture by means of the walls and light-coloured floor…all of these compete to confirm the avowed desire of Yasmine Mamoudieh to create a location where she could spend more and more time.

Products from the Ligne Roset Contracts collection play a part in this harmony between design and comfort, simplicity and personality. This is true of the Glaçon sofa end tables (Lee West) in the boudoir which adjoins the lobby, the La Jolie stool (Claudio Dondoli & Marco Pocci) in the bar, the Tania chairs and Pam stools (Archirivolto) in the restaurant, the French Line chairs (Didier Gomez) in the bedrooms, the Sala chairs (Pascal Mourgue) in the suites, and the Pascal Mourgue standard lamps in the bedrooms…and the suites.

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