Ligne Roset Contracts

Project Orange

Project Orange is a ten-year-old practice with a broad and original portfolio of work that spans residential, retail, hotels, schools and restaurant design. Their work is modern though eclectic, resulting in design that is clean, tactile, warm and easily inhabited. Each project has its own personality deriving from the individual narrative ascribed to it.

Project Orange was the winner of the category, "Best Interior Architect" in the prestigious Building Design Architects of the Year (2009) awards.
The projects presented by Project Orange were : the Whitechapel Dining Rooms  and Judd Street in London, the Park Hotel Pune in India, and the Fitzwilliam Hotel, Belfast where James Soane & Christopher Ash specified some Ligne Roset Products (Citta Armchair, Bul reading lamp, Deck low table and Bob sofa end table) for the ground floor, a central element of of the manor house, to create a key zone in the hotel.